Just venting…


To all DJ’s, Artists, MC’s, Bands, etc. If no one will book you, create your own gigs. If you feel like there’s not a scene for what your trying to do, make one. Don’t expect free hand outs in this business. Learn to make something out of nothing. Three things: 1, Take time to develop your sound or what it is your trying to create. 2, Learn to grow as an artist and ask for constructive criticism and stop calling everyone a hater who listens to you for the first time. Last but not least, pay your dues!! All shows will happen for you in due time but when that time comes and your on stage, don’t do a half ass performance or set. Do the very best that you can and knock that fucker out of the park! If you kill that shit more gigs will follow. But if you don’t… well you know the rest. That’s just my 2 cents. God Bless and good luck! – ELEMENT

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