This is a message to all B-BOYS/GIRLS who are becoming DJ’s overnight. I’ve noticed a lot of you are taking up the craft and i’m not mad at all. My advise to you is, as much as you like to practice for hrs on end dancing. Take that same energy and dedication and practice your mixing, remixing, doubles, scratching, etc. Do your history and your home work. I’m behind you 100% if you do just that. Only time will tell. If you would like some constructive criticism on your DJ’ing or if need any tips let me know. I’m more than welcome to share and build with you as you progress. BUT…… If your just jumping on the DJ bandwagon because you see celebrities doing it or you think just because you own a laptop and give yourself a name that makes you a DJ, think again! Gimmicks and fame will only get you so far. Your only as good as your last set. And trust me when i say i love to pull cards all day on sucka DJ’s and i will call you out. So please, please, please all i ask is DON’T SHIT ON MY ARTFORM! Peace, love, unity and good luck – DJ ELEMENT (Armory Massive/ Furious Styles Crew/ 15 yrs in this game)

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