June 23rd – Tucson, AZ – Rock The Freshest at Scrappy’s

“Grand opening, Grand closing”

Scrappy’s/ Youth Collective is a community center that has been apart of the Tucson scene for many years and has opened it’s doors to countless B-Boy Jams, Emcee battles, and Graf expo’s is closing it’s doors for good. I’m sad to see it go for many reasons. 1, it being one of first venues i’ve ever played at in Tucson. 2, i’ve had the opportunity to work with some really great people who i still do shows with and to this day consider really close friends. Shouts to Jivin Scientists (Jason Deeko Owens, Runt, Ryan Troncoso, Chase Crusher), Herm Guzman (DJ Hermie), Christopher Pinedo (PA), Dee Jay Grapla, Christopher Arevalo (DJ Bonus), Marcus Meridox (Big OX), James Ciphurphace, Isiah Toothtaker, Nate The Killa Robot, & Thias Lopez (B-Boy Thesis) and not to mention Kathy who’s the youth center’s lead director. On June 23rd if you happen to be in the greater 520 area join us for what will be the last show at Scrappy’s and let’s help to set them off with a bang!

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